Reading lists

We have dozens of reading lists for you to peruse under the following subjects:

 Reading Well

 Common mental health conditions


 Reading Well for long term conditions

 Shelf Help

 Read Yourself Well - memoirs and fiction

 Pebble reading lists for the under 5s

 Reading lists for ages 5 to 14

 Braille books for children

 A selection of themed junior reading lists

 Christmas reads for children

 Spooky stories for dark and gloomy nights

 Domestic abuse

 Dyslexia and reluctant readers - Information for parents, carers and readers


Fostering and adoption

 Alternative Histories - October: Black History Month

 Life Matters – Family Life

Life Matters - Sickness and Bereavement

Life Matters - Autism

Life Matters - Picture Books to share with young children

Life Matters - Addiction and Gambling

Life Matters - Motivation, Confidence and Career

Life Matters - Graphic Novel collection

Life Matters for children and teens

Life Matters - Refugees

 Out Lit - Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender virtual collection

 Read Hear - children's story books with audio CDs