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Hardback:Russian roulette / Anthony Horowitz:2013 Russian roulette / Anthony Horowitz
Author: Horowitz, Anthony
Year: 2013
Interest category: Stories for older children
Media class: Hardback
Category: Fiction
Publisher: Walker Books, 2013
ISBN: 1406310506 9781406310504
Control number 1406310506
Includes QR code
A gripping insight into the teenage life of Yassen Gregorovich, set against a backdrop of violence and corruption. From Yassen's training to become a deadly assassin, to his later orders to kill a young Alex Rider, this gripping adventure will be the deadliest yet.
Spy stories, lcsh
Children's stories, lcsh
F9, Fiction 9+
YAD, Adventure
Series title: The Alex Rider series
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Other formats
Paperback:Russian roulette:2014
Paperback:Russian roulette:2015
Currently available 10
Ages 5 - 12


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