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Paperback:The seven sisters : Maia's story / Lucinda Riley:2015 The seven sisters : Maia's story / Lucinda Riley
Author: Riley, Lucinda
Year: 2015
Interest category: General fiction novels
Media class: Paperback
Category: Fiction
Publisher: Pan Books, 2015
ISBN: 1447218647 9781447218647
Control number 1447218647
Maia D'Aplièse and her five sisters gather together at their childhood home, 'Atlantis' - a fabulous, secluded castle situated on the shores of Lake Geneva - having been told that their beloved father, the elusive billionaire they call Pa Salt, has died. Maia and her sisters were all adopted by him as babies and, discovering he has already been buried at sea, each of them is handed a tantalising clue to their true heritage - a clue which takes Maia across the world to a crumbling mansion in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Once there, she begins to put together the pieces of where her story began.
GNR, General
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Hardback:The seven sisters, Maia's story:2014
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General adult


What a brilliant read!!! Loved every minute of this story. What a wonderful writer.
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