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Paperback:Calling me home / Julie Kibler:2013 Paperback Calling me home / Julie Kibler
Author: Kibler, Julie
Year: 2013
Interest category: General fiction novels
Media class: Paperback
Category: Fiction
Publisher: Pan Books, 2013
ISBN: 1447212568 9781447212560 9781447237686
Control number 1447212568
Shalerville, Kentucky, 1939 - a world where black maids and handymen are trusted to raise white children and tend to white houses, but from which they are banished after dark. 16-year-old Isabelle McAllister, born into wealth and rivilege, finds her ordered life turned upside down when she becomes attracted to Robert, the ambitious black son of her family's housekeeper. Before long Isabelle and Robert are crossing extraordinary, dangerous boundaries and falling deeply in love. Many years later, 89-year-old Isabelle will travel from her home in Arlington, Texas, to Ohio for a funeral. With Isabelle is her hairstylist and friend, Dorrie Curtis - a black single mother with her own problems. Along the way, Isabelle will finally reveal to Dorrie the truth of her painful past: a tale of forbidden love, the consequences of which will resound for decades.
GNR, General
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