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Paperback:Compass / Mathias Enard / translated by Charlotte Mandell:2017 Compass / Mathias Enard / translated by Charlotte Mandell
Author: Énard, Mathias
Author: Mandell, Charlotte
Year: 2017
Interest category: General fiction novels
Media class: Paperback
Category: Fiction
Publisher: Fitzcarraldo Editions, 2017
ISBN: 1910695238 9781910695234
Control number 1910695238
Translated from the French
Translated from the French
As night falls over Vienna, Franz Ritter, an insomniac musicologist, takes to his sickbed with an unspecified illness and spends a restless night drifting between dreams and memories, revisiting the important chapters of his life: his ongoing fascination with the Middle East and his numerous travels to Istanbul, Aleppo, Damascus, and Tehran, as well as the various writers, artists, musicians, academics, Orientalists, and explorers who populate this vast dreamscape. At the centre of these memories is his elusive, unrequited love, Sarah, a fiercely intelligent French scholar caught in the intricate tension between Europe and the Middle East.
GNR, General
TRL, Fiction in Translation
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General adult


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