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Self Registration

Join the library

Find out about joining the library, including different types of membership and eligibility

Note that we ask for your gender in order to understand who is using the service, and to make libraries as inclusive and accessible as possible.

Please choose your branch:

n.b. To find your temporary membership number click on "show" next to "Registered accounts in Surrey".


If your application to join the library is successful a library card will be sent to you in the post. If you are aged 16 and over this will give you virtual membership. This can be upgraded to full membership at any time by taking your card (or proof of address if your card has not yet arrived) to any of our libraries. The benefits of full membership are set out in our terms and conditions.

We will not be able to issue with a library card (and this temporary membership will be cancelled) if:

  • You are already a member of a Surrey library
  • You do not live within the administrative area of Surrey. In this instance you may still be able to join the library (if you work or study in Surrey) but, due to licensing restrictions on some of the services we offer, you will have to do so in person at a library. See what you will need to take with you.